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Interactive Web Design 1 Online

The program is offering Interactive Web Design 1 ONLINE once again this Spring (2012). I will be teaching both the classroom as well as the online course. The online version proves to be an excellent format for those who are considering adding an online course to their schedules. Through structured and step-by-step online methods (though […]

Graphic Design 3 Student Work

As someone who studied and worked for many years in this field, I have always wondered if any student could get what they need to go into the professional world with just a 1-2 year program. This has changed after I taught in AAS. Our students, usually pursuing a career change, are not kidding around. […]

Learning Interactive Web – on the Web

Chances are, you’ve gotten lost or confused at one time or another in a mall, parking lot, library, museum and thought to yourself, “is it me?”. Most likely not. Someone did a poor job at architecting the building walkways, designing signage or a directory that are illegible or overly complex to understand.  As the famous usability […]