Achromatic Master Study

Last semester (Fall 09) Fashion Studies Major Catherine Frakes impressed our Color Theory class with her Achromatic Master Study. The assignment was to choose a SIMPLE composition with clearly defined color relationships, then create an achromatic version of the piece using collage and paint respectively on either half of the page. She choose Hokusai’s “Wave” Not simple…Take a look!

Catherine Frakes

Found Paper Collage and Guerra Pigment on Bristol, Catherine Frakes

The Wave, Hokusai

Woodblock Print, Hokusai

More images from Color Theory Fall 2009

Illusion of Transparency, Brian Meador

Mandala Source Image, Catherine Frakes

Mandala, Catherine Frakes

Mandala, Catherine Frakes

Achromatic Master Study, Susan Lam, AAS Fashion Studies

Achromatic Master Study, Susan Lam

Musically Inspired Pattern, Rebecca Flato

Musically inspired Pattern, Rebecca Flato

Pattern repeating!

Pattern repeating! Rebecca Flato

Album Cover Design for Sigur Ros, Ben Shotwell

Album Cover Design for Sigur Ros, Ben Shotwell


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  1. My favorite, of course is Rebecca Flato’s piece. These are great.