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AAS Graphic Design Work 04 receives a “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” from TDC

Gelsey and Jonathan high fiveing in July. Did they already know? photo - Katarzyna Gruda

Editor-in-chief | Katarzyna Gruda
It is my great pleasure, as Director of AAS Graphic Design and the Editor and Photographer of the publication, to announce that our publication WORK 04 has been recognized by the Type Directors Club with a “Certificate of Typographic Excellence.” Colaborating with me a three-person design team (art direction by AAS faculty member William Morrisey; design by Jonathan Greenblatt {AAS} and Gelsey  Maślanka {CD}) worked to achieve design excellence while really putting the students’ work forward, in a compressed footprint (as the book is number four in a like-sized series).

Jonathan Greenblatt + William Morrisey + Gelsey Maślanka Photography by Katarzyna Gruda

William Morrisey writes:

“The goal was to connect each reader with the many talented students in the Parsons AAS GD Program. Design solutions: separate important written info about each piece shown from the work itself—blurbs first, then pretty pictures; use French Fold as a functional element, where work flows over outer edge of book; have reader interact with book both ‘left-to-right’ and ‘up-to-down,’ to engage; work within a limited budget to achieve a deluxe, jewel-like object, including metallic gold foil stamped cover.”

The TDC award for Work 04 celebrates not only the accomplishments of the designers who gave it its form, but also the amazing designers and artists who teach AAS Graphic Design, and of course, the talented and hardworking students who’s work graces its pages. Congratulations and a thousand thanks to all involved. I couldn’t be more proud!

AAS GD WORK vol. 4 French Fold

AAS GD WORK vol. 4


I also would like to acknowledge the publication of another beautiful book designed by the AAS team lead by faculty art director, Emily Wardwell, working with senior designer María Alcira González and designer Dwight Armstrong for the AAS Interior Design Program.

AAS ID WORK vol. 4 cover

AAS ID WORK vol. 4 Spread


Please take the time to see the books in their entirety at


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  1. evan schlomann,

    very awesome. congrats!

  2. jan,

    Congratulations! Great to see AAS work being honored by the TDC!

  3. Oh yea. Nice pics by KG too! That photo shoot was so much fun! I think my eardrum was broken (unrelated incident) at the time, so the whole experience was very dreamy


  4. I am honored to say that this book is the result of collaboration. When I look at the pages now (and it does feel amazing to flip through!) I cannot find a single page that is mine. That feels right. We put so much of ourselves into it, but in the end we as individuals are organically lost to the project. We create a system and then break it. And then rebuild it. We refine refine refine and then look back and cannot say, that is mine. We can only say, that is ours. Ha. Sounds cheesy, but I feel it’s totally true and am not going to erase it.

    William is a tremendous leader and Gelsey’s brilliance is unrivaled. Katarzyna Gruda, none of it would be true without you and the serious program that you direct. Thanks to you and all my other great professors in the AAS program!

    And also thank you to the class of 2010! Your work totally rules!


  5. very very very nice! great job William and Jonathan! its a “state of art” object for sure.. I would love to take a closer look..

  6. Wonderful to see this work receive a Certificate of Typographic Excellence!
    As former TDC President (1996-98) I can assure you that this kind of impressive recognition is extremely valuable in terms of career development.
    I’m thrilled to see the names of three of most talented students mentioned here: Jonathan Greenblat, Maria Alcira Gonzalez and Dwight Armstrong. Bravo all!

    • Katarzyna Gruda,

      These are the talents from AAS GD supported and inspired by talented Gelsey Maślanka, CD. Since she took AAS classes she is one of us.

  7. Aaron Brashear,

    Congrats to all…and a special congrats to Gelsey. So happy to see a former student shine!

  8. Melissa Kaufmann,

    Congratulations on the TDC award! The book looks amazing.

  9. Anny Chen,

    Congratulations to everyone involved! It’s especially great to see the Student Workbook gain recognition for its beautiful design. I remember when I was first looking to apply to the AAS Graphic Design Program, previous volumes of the Student Workbook were given out at an Open House event, and the collected student works were a huge inspiration and a major draw for me to finally enroll in the program!

  10. Ashley Mann,

    It’s really great that Parsons students get recognized for all the really great and hard work they do. It helps current students as well as prospective students see the opportunities in this program. Congratulations on your beautiful work!

  11. Amanda Elder,

    Congratulations to all the students and faculty awarded by the TDC this year. I’m so proud to be part of a program that’s producing this caliber of work–you set the standard for us all!

  12. Jamie Jordan,

    We saw a peek of the Student Workbook few weeks ago and I wish I saw it even closer. I agree with Mary Mac, the french fold is very nice. Wonderful work!

  13. Mary Mac,

    Both of these projects are very exciting! The use of the french fold in Vol.4 of the Student Workbook collection is particularly nice; I had the pleasure of seeing it in person and particularly enjoy the way that projects wrap from one page to another. It provides a preview of the whats to come and truly encourages the reader to move forward through the book.

  14. brandon sonnier,

    Amazing work guys. Congrats on the award!

  15. Gelsey Maslanka,

    One of the greatest and most enlightening experiences of my life, I could not be more proud of the book and of my partners in design! Another thank you to Kasia Gruda and William Morrisey for their endless support, wisdom and belief in us and the little book that could! All of my love!

  16. Steve Kennedy,

    This award speaks volumes about the designers, faculty, students and especially the AAS program. Kudos, laurel wreaths and rosebuds to everyone of you!