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A really nice thank you note from Lauren Ruggeri (GD ’09)

Last fall I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Angela Hederman the Editor
at The Little Bookroom trusted me with the design of her upcoming guidebook Markets of New York City. I accepted graciously but was scared out of my mind. Just one year prior I was sitting at orientation at Parsons not sure what the difference was between Illustrator and Indesign and confused why everyone kept saying typeface and not font.

But as I started meeting with Angela and Karen Seiger (the wonderfully talented author and markets enthusiast) I realized that somehow in just one year at Parson’s I had picked up enough knowledge of design to talk the talk and walk the walk of designing a book.

And that is why I am writing you all today. I wanted to thank all of my teachers for the support and time they put into my education. It feels so good to have worked so hard and to see a very solid example of that work paying off for me.

I would be honored if you would all take the time to have a look at the book. It is currently available on It is also for sale at New York City Barnes and Noble stores. I also recently got word that it will be sold at Anthropologie stores nation wide.

It was mentioned in the New York Times, and it was written about on Manhattan User’s Guide where they went as far as saying

“The book has a snappy design and takes an appealingly comprehensive approach…”

I am just pleased and punch that somebody other than a teacher, friend or family member would recognize my design.

I really can never repay any of you, but I wanted to at least thank you.

And better yet, Angela has asked me to design the upcoming Markets of New England.

Thank you a million times!

Lauren Ruggeri

P.S. While working on the post I came across another quote (by Karen Seiger) about Lauren’s work on the Markets of New York City website, and I just had to include it:

The guidebook uses little icons as a key to tell the reader what kind of market each one is – artisan, farmer, food, or flea. The icons were originally designed by Lauren Ruggeri, the brilliant graphic designer who created the entire book, including the cover that makes me so happy.


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  1. Margot,

    This is so inspiring! Thank you for posting. I was just admitted into the AAS program. The book looks really cool. I can’t wait to get a copy.