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A Game Changer? Not Print; Not a Web Page

Apple’s highly anticipated iPad is being called by many as a “game changer.” And let’s face it, media needs a revolution. As an undergrad jorno major, and a Parson’s GD alum, I can’t wait to see (and be a part of) the future of media. Monocle Weekly has an amazing podcast segment on many of the questions that we should be engaged in now both as consumers and as design professionals:

The Monocle weekly podcast #44

“This week Tyler Brûlé and the team talk to Joshua Cooper Ramo, managing director of Kissinger Associates, to discover the mood at the World Economic Forum in Davos, before embarking on a media debate with Dr Mario García, CEO of García Media, about whether Apple’s new iPad device is really set to change the way we consume news.”

I would love to see Parsons and indeed all of Newschool be at the forefront of this discussion. How to design for future media…how to lead the industry…how to create the future for media and information rather than waiting for it to get here. Would the school consider a timely, live forum to help us grasp the future landscape of media? Better yet, a series. With participation from high level Apple folks, NYT, our excellent faculty. Explore possibilities, realities, and just hear some enlightened thinking on this game changer. This is a great chance to fortify Parsons as the place where new ideas thrive.

Jim Wagner
Certainly Studio


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  1. +1 for Parsons as a leader, BUT:
    I am reluctant to jump on the iPad wagon and I think we should all be. The iPad represents an Apple made vision of control. It appeals to us as designers since we would like to have more control and there’s no doubt this whole web thing is pretty hairy, but for Apple it translate to control of the consumers. The iPad is a consumption device, it actually makes sure to (almost) cripple production and does not allow multitasking or the many things users have learned to love using.

    And so, I actually find it hard to think of it as a very revolutionary tool as it seems to be an attempt to roll the wheels of history backwards towards a time when consumers were passive and production was centralized. The only way for it to do that is to require all the development to work according to Apple’s guidebook, to go through Apple’s opaque approval system and to be purchased, delivered and consumed through Apple’s ever monopolizing iTunes store.

    Designer and open standards evangelist Chris Messina has written a very compelling argument against over-designing interfaces in an important post he called Death of the URL. He argues for open interfaces that do not come in the price of dumbing down the user and limiting the potential of the web.

    I think I will have to side with Messina & Hitler on this one:

    My 2¢,
    Mushon Zer-Aviv
    AAS GD Faculty

    • Well stated. Your comments further support the need for dialog! Once more I must say that I certainly don’t want Parsons to shill for Apple, but rather initiate a conversation that seems timely and much needed. I have many more questions than answers and hearing a lively, informed and passionate debate can only serve to enlighten.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. The Bonner video link was great and fully expressed the possibilities of this new product and technology. Although print is going away and will ultimately become obsolete for the most part (I sadly write these words), the creative and visual opportunities for digital artists and designers is exciting. And it’s only just beginning. Parsons should meet the challenge and become one of lead educators in this revolution.

  3. It would be great to see Parsons take a lead here. I’d welcome the discussion (or series of discussions). In fact, there’s one coming up (arranged by Publishers Weekly) :

    Charles Nix
    President of the Type Directors Club
    AAS GD Faculty

    • This looks like a great gathering of minds and perspectives. Exactly the kind of dialog I want to be a part of. I just signed up, I’ll be there, Charles. Thank you for the tip. Jim

  4. Judy Vance,

    Parsons a center for exploring all things new in media?? Seems like a perfect fit to me. The first paragraph of Parsons’ mission statement is: “Parsons focuses on creating engaged citizens and outstanding artists, designers, scholars and business leaders through a design-based professional and liberal education.”

    “Engaged citizens” and “outstanding artists” are forever hungry for cutting edge information and break-through applications.

    Is Jim Wagner’s idea a good one? I say go for it!

    • Katarzyna Gruda,

      I think Jim Wagner’s idea about a series in light of the iPad is a good one.To me, though, the iPad is just one strand of a bigger story about graphic design — the way that many new technologies, from motion to web to new mediums like the iPad are changing and will continue to change the profession. I think an effective series of lectures/discussions, etc., can and should deal with how the job market will reflect these changes and what this might mean for our curriculum.

      Director of AAS GD

      • yes indeed. my hope would be to expand our thinking on the bigger issue of information delivery going forward, NOT to shill for apple. though i don’t think anyone can argue with their track record of innovation and trend setting. again, newschool is perfectly suited to bring together the best minds from design, content, and business on the issue. bring it parsons. i’ll be in the front row.

  5. Stevie Phillips,

    If the iPad is truly the game changer, and if Parsons, in an open forum, can point the way, making my adaptation to and acceptance of the new media easy and graceful rather than a struggle to catch on and catch up, I personally should be deeply grateful. Moving forward, how is this not a benefit to everyone anxious to follow the leading edge. Shine a light on how we do this Parsons, and you put the spotlight back squarely on yourselves. I would love to see that.

  6. Any time an institution such as Parsons and Newschool can be at the center of open discussion, new ideas and game-changing thought provoking conversation, puts the school on a new level. Yes, timely relevant discussions are great, but the halo it shines on the school itself as a bed of thought leadership, is engineering a level of brand marketing that simply can’t be bought.

    A series of discussions such as Mr. Wagner suggests is a wonderful idea on all sides – Bravo!


  7. Rick,

    having content get ahead of the technology, or at least live side-by-side in time rather than trailing, finding compelling avenues for usage before users get bored with the previous functions. And with so many of us isolated in our own orbuits with the advent of personal devices, we need a good reason to come out of isolation and share ideas and observations. Bingo!

  8. Love Jim Wagner’s suggestion for:
    “a timely, live forum to help us grasp the future landscape of media? Better yet, a series. With participation from high level Apple folks, NYT, our excellent faculty. Explore possibilities, realities, and just hear some enlightened thinking on this game changer. This is a great chance to fortify Parsons as the place where new ideas thrive.”
    Let’s do it!

    AAS GD Faculty

  9. Jim Thomas,

    Great idea to lead in this new media delivery category. The iPad and like devices will be game changers for users. There will be terrific media opportunities and real, tangible changes in how users are able to consume content. The biggest freedoms will be producers/writer/authors who are able to seamlessly share this platform. It allows them to reach interested and engaged consumers from the same space. Go for it.

  10. Abbie,

    If you can make it happen, I’d definitely be there. I’m dying to get my hands on an iPad and I find the topic of new media delivery fascinating. Great idea.

  11. Fran McCreary,

    This is an excellent idea — we’re all grappling with this ever-changing landscape. Having Parsons leading the charge the would give legitimacy to the ideas generated.

  12. Amy,

    Totally agree…bring it Parsons!
    Love what Bonnier is doing: