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Jan Šabach (GD ’02) receives Red Dot Communication Design 2009 Award

Jan Šabach is a Czech born graphic designer and art director currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

After graduating from AAS program at Parsons School of Design in 2002 Jan gained experience by working in design studios as well as a freelancer in the United States and in Europe. He specializes in CID, logos and branding, but is eager to work on any graphic design project and enjoys spending time on projects dealing with social, cultural and ecological issues.

His work has been published in many industry magazines, annuals and books (Graphis, Print, HOW, Graphic Design USA, Novum, Font, Typo…) and was awarded several international design awards (European Design Award, WOLDA, Red Dot Communication Design).

Below is the award winning logo.

Logo Design: Ryba ve vode (A Fish in the Water)

Design examples featured in the Novum Magazine article about Jan Šabach titled: Pixels, Points and Inches

Indentity Design: London in Prague invitation

Book Cover Design

Identity design for an upcoming documentary “Fishead”

Poster Design


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  1. Great job. Minimalist logo is really awesome but I loved the sliding card invitation. I think these types of designs go beyond their functionalities connect emotional level with any user.


  2. SG,

    I went to school with Jan and I knew he’d be a star! Yay Jan!

  3. These are beautiful! Great great great! thanks for this.