Month November 2016

Graphic Design and Publications Fellowship | Socrates Sculpture Park

  Graphic Design and Publications Fellowship—Socrates Sculpture Park Requirements: Socrates Sculpture Park is seeking a graduate or undergraduate student in Graphic Design with a strong interest in contemporary art. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of In Design, printing methods, strong organizational skills, and an interest in contemporary art, and ideally past experience working in […]

Graphic Design Book – Color Theory: Living in Color

Color Theory: Living in Color Color is a silent language we all know how to speak. What is Color Theory — the mixtures and implementation of color. What is color — Hue, Value, and Chroma. Why do we use something like a Color Wheel, it’s a tool that helps us talk about the physical phenomena […]

Graphic Design Book – Graphic Design & Silkscreen

Graphic Design and Silkscreen Every color used is made by hand and every print is prepared, then pulled, layer by layer in a studio environment. The Parsons AAS Graphic Design & Silkscreen class is to connect high-level design thinking with the formal elements of both page layout and silkscreen printmaking. So that, as a student, […]

Graphic Design Faculty Jeanne Verdoux’s Work Featured in French Exhibition

AAS Graphic Design Faculty Jeanne Verdoux’s work is currently featured in an exhibition in France titled ‘Une image pour la fraternité’. This event takes place one year after the November 2015 Paris attacks where more than 125 were killed. It is part of a social movement called ‘Fraternité Générale’, created by philosophe Abdennour Bidar in partnership with RATP, […]

Graphic Design Book – Online: The Virtual Studio

Online: The Virtual Studio Can you teach a studio class without the physical studio space? As online learning becomes more prominent, the diverse student body brought together by learning in nonphysical spaces show us that the answer is yes. Featuring work by Tristen Offit, Angelica Anatole, Gabe Tiller, and Patrick Koehler-Derrick.