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Month April 2011

A brief introduction to Portfolio & Process online

This fall, I’ll be teaching Portfolio & Process as an online course. I know online classes are off-putting for some students, but I think in this case it’s a good fit. Whether it’s via email, PDF, or the web, personal promotion primarily takes place on the internet — so when it comes to your portfolio, […]

Faculty Jeannne Verdoux Illustration in the NYT April.08.2011

Jeanne Verdoux illustrated today’s New York Times Op-Ed ‘When blame isn’t enough’ by Olivia A. Golden. The article is about fixing ‘the marred child welfare system’.

Faculty Jason Booher apologizes to Josef Albers

Designers often walk the fine line between being inspired by and stealing design from the past. As a History of Graphic Design teacher I constantly engage students in ways to look to the past to inform their contemporary design. I come down on the side of not directly quoting or using designs whole hog from […]