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Month March 2011

Faculty Jeanne Verdoux comments in drawings

In the face of the Japanese disaster, this image came to my mind. Just wanted to share it. Jeanne

Faculty Charles Nix at MoMA

Charles Nix will be conducting a panel discussion with Matthew Carter, Jonathan Hoefler, and Paola Antonelli at MoMA on Monday night. He will more than a few questions for the trio, but he wanted to throw it out to you, our type friends: Do you have any burning questions you’d like to ask them? (Smart […]


Edward Tufte will give a one-day course on information design for faculty and students only on 3 separate days in New York City. The one-day course will be offered on these days: Friday March 4 Sunday March 6 Monday March 7 Edward Tufte will teach the entire course and each attendee receives copies of all […]