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Month September 2010

Conferencias y Workshops de Tipografía y Diseño en Córdoba (Argentina)

El Instituto Superior de Diseño Aguas de la Cañada fue fundado en 1986 en Córdoba, República Argentina, y desde su creación ha sido su objetivo enseñar diseño siguiendo los más altos estándares de calidad educativa. Es por ello que en esta búsqueda ha encontrado la visita de disertantes internacionales expertos en diseño como su arma […]

Mushon Zer-Aviv, GD Faculty: Collaborative Futures

Check out this multi-faceted compilation of free-culture explorations! This book was collaboratively written by a group of artists and designers that are questioning “collaborative culture” in today’s technologically advanced world. Originally written in January 2010, this gem has been re-written and re-crafted as a part of the Re:Group exhibition at Eyebeam, NY. Read more! Written […]

Color Wheelz comes to World Maker Faire

“As anticipation for the World Maker Faire builds, makers are not only busy with their projects, but they’re also exploring creative ways to promote them. Check out this wonderful drawing by Julia Vallera for her Color Wheelz project which will be parked at the Faire.” Read full article HERE Maker Faire is 10 days away! […]

Jon Lopkin (GD ’07) starts a design studio in Boston

amüsegrafik (pronounced amooz-grafeek) is the multidisciplinary design studio founded by Parsons alum, Jon Lopkin. Jon will act as principal and creative director/designer while his business partner, Amy Forni, a former colleague of his, will serve as the marketing director. Jon credits visiting the studios of Mucca Design, Team Pro-Am (led by Parsons Adjunct Professor John […]

GD Faculty Jeanne Verdoux illustrated today’s (Setember 14th) op-ed in The New York Timesne

The article is about Work – Based Immigration – A New Reform Solution

Mushon Zer-Aviv, GD Faculty: Bringing an open-source paradigm to interface design.

In his article posted here:, faculty member Mushon Zer-Aviv takes a close look at the collaborative strengths of the open-source paradigm as it pertains to coders–juxtaposed with the, proprietary based, design practices implemented by most graphic interface designers today. How will the authorship role be played by future designers; how can we ascribe value […]

“Data is the new soil.”

In his TED talk, The Beauty of Data Visualization, David McCandless raises some interesting perspectives on how we interface with data. Shaping these perspectives through design can contextualize and shed light on dimensions that might have previously eluded us. As design continues to become more interrogative and cross disciplinary, I find it interesting hearing how […]

Color Wheelz: News and Updates

1. We are selling T-shirts! Order yours today! All proceeds fund future Color Wheelz events. To see the shirts and place an order visit ColoriumLaboratorium 2. We were recently featured in Encore Magazine! Check out the article HERE 3. The next event will take place on September 25 and 26 at Makers Faire NYC. Buy […]