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Month May 2010

Color Faculty Dennis Masback exhibits his paintings in Berry-Hill Galleries

Dennis Masback‘s painting reveals a record of his working process that is both random and meticulous. Each piece begins with the casual placement of forms and develops as these forms are precisely painted. Working from back to front, layers of translucent acrylic paint reveal the underlying structure of the work. The work itself is inspired […]

Faculty Pablo Medina in “Design Journeys” exhibition at AIGA

In 2005, the AIGA Task Force on Professional Diversity developed a list of recommendations for increasing diversity within the profession. Among the stated goals were to create awareness of outstanding designers from culturally and racially diverse backgrounds and create traveling shows of the work of diverse designers. The “Design Journeys” project seeks to achieve both—by […]

Color Theory: Design and Science

On Wednesday, April 7th, the Color Theory: Design & Science class taught by Ellen Evjen went on a field trip to the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. The students met with Christos Tsiamis, EPA’s Project Manager for the site, and Katia Kelly, a local resident who writes the daily Brooklyn blog “Pardonmeforasking” and who is a […]

GD Faculty Jeanne Verdoux’s illustration in today’s NYT

Please take at look at the page 26A in today’s (May 19th, 2010). Here is the link to Jeanne’s website: .