Spring 2020 Electives, X-Studio: Critical Abstraction – Kamrooz Aram

X-Studio: Critical Abstraction

PSAM 3705, CRN 3305

Beginning with a look at the development of Modernist abstraction and continuing to lesser known histories of abstract painting, this studio course will explore the potential for abstract painting to function critically as a contemporary medium. While the history of Modern art suggests that abstraction is self-referential and primarily concerned with pure form, many artists today are focusing on the potential for abstraction to engage historical, social and political content. Over the last few decades, many contemporary artists have begun to reinvestigate and renegotiate the forms and approaches of the past with critical new perspectives. This is primarily a studio course in which students will spend most of their time making and critiquing work. We will also hold discussions on readings, artists and art works, as well as the context in which these artists have worked.

Prerequisite: Core Studio 1: 2D or a 1000 level Painting course.