Spring 2020 Electives, X-Studio: Art As Social Tool – Stefanos TsivopuoloS

X-Studio: Art As Social Tool

PSAM 3701, CRN 2074

In Art As Social Tool: Archival Research and Social Activism as Creative Methodologies  students will develop methodologies in research and activism to be used in creating videos, prints, publications and performances. Each student will be encouraged to spend time developing an in-depth, research-based-project, inspired by and in dialogue with topics of social, cultural, and political significance. Students will be able to sharpen tools of self-inquiry and public research and delve deeper into how art can generate public discourse around such topics. Students may work independently or collaboratively, and incorporate a wide range of disciplines, and cross-disciplinary strategies from performance and activism, to video, posters and books. We will study the practices of contemporary artists using these strategies, including Sharon Hayes, Roma Publications, Hito Steyerl, Taryn Simon, Ai WeiWei and Laura Poitras.

Prerequisite: 2000 level studio course in Fine Arts or Photography