Spring 2019, Advanced Practice: Mining the Museum – Mira Schor

Advanced Practice: Mining the Museum

PGFA 5300 (CRN 2095)

Thursdays 12:10pm – 2:50pm

Details of artworks exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the The LeslieLohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in NY

Mining the Museum—What makes your pupils dilate when you look at an art work or artifact? This course will be a laboratory or workshop to develop such instantaneous experiences of visual excitement: looking at artworks, objects, and artifacts in comprehensive museums in New York City like the Metropolitan, Brooklyn Museums, MoMA and the Whitney, as well as smaller more specialized museums like the Museum of the Moving Image, as sources for something that could be useful to art work in unexpected way: thus a filmmaker might find inspiration in the glaze of a Sung Dynasty bowl, a painter might snatch some bit of visual information from an Assyrian stone carving, a photographer could get information from a Rajput painting, a video artist could learn from Charlie Chaplin’s early two-reelers or from a Courbet. This course will engage and extend students in what potential sources for art can be – what may provide surprising passions for life long art making.. The course will be conducted both through faculty-led visits to museums and in-class discussions and presentations.

Open to
: MFA Fine Arts Majors and Parsons Graduate students; others by folio submission and permission of the MFA Fine Arts Program Director.