Spring 2018 Topics 3D: Lifelike – Figurative Sculpture – Ester Partegàs

Lifelike — Figurative Sculpture

Ester Partegàs

Wednesdays 9 AM

PUFA 3230B

Ester Partegàs “Overcast”, 2010; pigmented polyurethane and enamel, 37” x 27” x 26”

Sculpture has a long and varied history of approaches to represent the human and animal bodies, nature, and more recently, plain ordinary objects. In a fundamental way, art continues to be associated with the magic of mimesis, the notion of drawing after nature or taking someone’s likeness. In this course, we will render from life, taking the figurative as a methodology for active observation, as a strategy to the process of knowing and as a way to strengthen the connective tissue between what we make and the stuff from everyday life. Class projects will address issues such as verisimilitude and literalness, craftsmanship, authenticity and artifice, the real and surreal, the uncanny as the tension between the familiar and the foreign, obsession, sensuality and fetishism. This intermediate sculpture course wants to be an opportunity for students to deeply commit and delve into sculptural methodologies and concepts of representation. The teacher will offer tutorials on different techniques (2-part molds, carving and building structures) and materials (clays, plaster, wax, steel, papier maché, and silicones) and expand this based on the specific needs of students’ projects. The class will combine studio work with a study of contemporary figurative sculpture through such artists as Robert Gober, Ugo Rondinone, Sarah Lucas, Kathy Wilkes, Liz Magor, Hanny Armanious, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Fishli and Weiss, among others; and readings of Freud’s “The Uncanny”, Roger-Caillois’ “Mimicry”, Michael Taussig’s notion of the “sympathetic magic” and Didi-Huberman’s “Likeness Thru Contact”.

Ester Partegàs is a visual artist and educator. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in venues such as the Museum of the City of New York; Sculpture Center, LIC, NY; the Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria, NY; Columbus Museum of Art, OH; Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona MACBA; Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; the Arnolfini, Bristol; the Moscow, Athens and Busan Biennials. She has received the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship. Her work has been reviewed by BOMB Magazine, Art in America, New York Magazine, The Brooklyn Wave, FlashArt, ArtNEws, ArtNExus, The New York Times, Sculpture Magazine. She holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Universitat de Barcelona and a Diploma on Multimedia Arts from the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Born in Barcelona, she currently splits her time between New York City and Marfa, TX.  Her work is represented by Foxy Production, NY; Christopher Grimes, Santa Monica, CA; and NoguerasBlanchard, Madrid/Barcelona.