Spring 2018 Topics 2D: Sites Unseen – Selena Kimball

Sites Unseen

Selena Kimball

Thursdays 9 AM

PUFA 3220A

Cylindrical Projection Map of Pluto. NASA/Johns Hopkins University of Applied Physics/Southwest Research Institute. 2015.


Places we have never seen have inscribed themselves on our imagination and even help define who we are. This class will be a semester long student-driven investigation into a particular “unseen” site. We will triangulate the texts –images, television shows, writings, songs–that have created this place in our minds, and search for the hidden historical, social and political forces at work in this imagined site. Through a wide range of 2D research and experimentation (drawing, photography, collage, mapping, painting, notations) this course will culminate in a final expanded 2D project making this unseen site visible.

Selena Kimball is a research-based, interdisciplinary visual artist whose work—large-scale collage, installation, and book projects—examines visual perceptions of history. Selena is a recent recipient of the Pollock-Krasner award, the Jerome Foundation grant, and a MacDowell fellowship, and is Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art Practice at Parsons.