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Spring 2020 Electives, X-Studio: Translating The Copy – Pooneh Maghazehe

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X-Studio: Translating The Copy

PSAM 3703, CRN 3304

How can resurrecting an image or object empower, debase, or contradict? Does this help or hurt the case for the value of an “original”? This studio class offers a critical view into these questions, ranging from the place of power and policing in cultural appropriation to the freedoms of ownership in image culture.A popular tagline from the early 90s reads, “It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.”  The phrase dates itself, now that it is possible to occupy both sides of the comma. Duplicity is a built-in experience and the historic fascination with reproduction has spawned inventions from the camera and printing press to 3D printing and the technologies we use everyday.  We will explore processes used to clone and copy in order to understand how the resurrected image or object may change in value, how it is surveilled, and which qualities are retained or destroyed.  Readings and class discussion will provide wide ranging perspectives on these issues historically and in our present moment. This class is open to all genres of making and individual interests determine the direction of the work. Class prompts and group critiques will be a collective opportunity to discuss the slippages in translation that change visual language, and in turn, empower parts of a work otherwise unexpressed.

Prerequisite: Core Studio 1: 2D, 3D, 4D or a 2000 level studio course

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